(5pm- 11pm, Fridays & Saturdays)


(10:30 am - 2:30 pm Sundays)


A note on our offerings:

Our Supper and Late-Night menu features standard items we will always make:
Our fancy "Parisian-style" burger, frites with housemade dipping sauces, classy grilled cheese and house salad.  We always have a few things cooking that are "off" menu.  Be sure to inquire at the window.


Oh, yes! Our rosemary biscuits and house gravy and prosecco mimosas from the Drafting Room will have you brunching in homestyle comfort. Likewise, we feature on a changing basis a "sweet" and a "savory" item, as well as our cheese plates, mac n cheese, and cobbler or fresh croissants and jam

However! Surprises in store...

Like a real homestyle kitchen, we may whip up different dishes and sweets when inspiration hits us that won't be on the menu. We look forward to surprising to the pleasure of all who happen upon our spot!

Show up.  Hang out. Let's eat.